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Mysterious Moon Energy

Posted 07/02/09 by Leah Vesta Hansen

Last month I followed the daily rythms of the moon to find out how in tune I am to her energies. So, I kept a journal tracking how my digestive system was feeling, and when the moon was in Virgo, my system was the most sluggish. Now, when I know the moon is in Virgo, I will be mindful to eat light and easily digestible foods. This also afforded me possible explanations as to why my clients were having unexplained issues.

The moon has a two to three day sojourn in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac that awakens different forces that are perceptible everywhere in the animate world and also have a marked effect on our bodies. The principle, starting point and effect of these forces are not especially difficult to describe; but on top of that they possess a kind of coloring which isnt easy to put into words&something that leaves its mark on our mental and emotional temperament, like a musical chord that sounds from far away and can be heard by those with ears to hear.

Listed will be a summary of the Zodiac sign, Body part/s affected, System and Coloring. To find out what Zodiac sign the moon is in

Aries  head, brain, eyes  sense organs

Coloring: Aries is energetic, at times impatient, banging its head against a brick wall. At this time unseen chains rattle audibly and are less willingly carried. Things get going and the way straight ahead seems the best.

Anyone who is especially susceptible to migraine will often feel it keenly during the two or three Aries days in the lunar month.

Taurus  larynx, speech organs, teeth, jaws, neck, tonsils, ears  blood circulation

Coloring: Realism is the order of the day, material security becomes a virtue. Persistence is easier, thoughts and reactions slower. Obstinacy. The white horse of the Arabs is as swift as the wind, but the camel trots day and night through the desert.

Particularly on cold Taurus days the ears should not remain unprotected. At this time they are more sensitive to drafts and noise. An eardrop of St. Johns Wort oil now and then on Taurus days can often prevent earaches, especially when the St. Johns Wort flowers used for the oil were gathered during Taurus.

Gemini  shoulders, arms, hands, lungs  glandular system

Coloring: The mind becomes active and versatile, moving in leaps and bounds. A breath of wind can deflect it from its course. The forces branch out and penetrate into every corner.

Gemini days are always an occasion to do some good to the shoulder area; well-directed exercise can work wonders and be a treat for your shoulders. However, you will not necessarily be spared from stiff muscles afterwards. In any case this is probably a good sign, for that is how the body signals that it is busy with detoxification.

Cancer  chest, lungs, stomach, liver, gallbladder  nervous system

Coloring: Feelings gain depth, but also weight. The inner becomes more colorful than the outer. The ground shakes. It becomes easier to make sacrifices. Dense, extensive growth.

The force that prevails during the Cancer days often shifts our general state into one of slight restlessness. Much more strongly, than in the other signs of the zodiac, the influence is predominantly felt in the chest. The Cancer sign also rules the liver, and often staying up all night is enough to make one feel totally shattered the next day because the liver has had to o much to do. If you happen to be susceptible to complaints of the liver, gallbladder, lungs, or chest, you should take advantage of Cancer days to do these organs some good. The stomach, too, occasionally plays up during Cancer days (wind, heartburn). A light diet is advisable.

Leo  hear, back, diaphragm, circulation, arteries  sense organs

Coloring: Muscles swell, determination reigns, people take heart. Limits lose their sharp outlines somewhat and appear to be more easily surmountable. Pleasure in risk, fire that dries out.

The Leo impulse makes the blood circulation sing. It is more active now than on other days. The back sometimes hurts more, and not infrequently the heart plays up a little. Sleepless nights can cause a lot of trouble during Leo; however, by the time Virgo comes its usually all over.

Virgo  digestive organs, nerves, spleen, pancreas  blood circulation

Coloring: The logically arguable end justifies the means. Small, hesitant, methodical steps, almost pedantic. First investigate, and then act. Things are separated and split up with the object of developing them.

The particular force of the Virgo days makes itself apparent in the digestive organs. Sensitive people in particular often have problems with their digestion at this time. A correspondingly whole-some diet is recommended during these days; at the very least one should give up heavy or fatty dishes.

Libra  hips, kidneys, bladder  glandular system

Coloring: The artistic rules, but so too, does indecisiveness. Tactful sensitivity, without much punch. Swinging this way and that, till equilibrium is achieved.

The hip region, bladder, and kidneys can make themselves particularly noticeable during the Libra days. It is easier to get bladder or kidney inflammations at this time. Take special care to keep the area of the bladder and kidneys warm.

Scorpio  sex organs, urethra  nervous system

Coloring: Opportunities are precious, and time is a sharp sword. Acceptance is difficult. Energy goes deeper, bores its way down and searches. Darkness beckons.

No zodiac sign has as strong an effect on the sexual organs as Scorpio. As a precaution, hipbaths or vaginal steams using Yarrow can be of assistance at this time in a great many female disorders.

Sagittarius  thigh, veins  sense organs

Coloring: The future seems more important than the present and past, the great more important than the small, bringing together more important than splitting asunder. Magnanimity reigns, but so, too, does pathos. The stride lengthens.

Capricorn  knee, bones, joints, skin  blood circulation

Coloring: The air becomes transparent, thinking clear and serious, straightforward, somewhat inflexible. The goal seems more important than the way there.

Excessive strain on the skeleton in general and the knees in particular can have serious consequences during Capricorn days. With every movement heavy demands are put on the knees. Knee poultices are particularly useful either as a precaution or a cure during these two or three days.

Aquarius  lower leg, veins  glandular system

Coloring: The mind invents capers, intuitive thoughts get heard. Shackles are not tolerated  not even imaginary ones.

Aquarius affects the lower leg and ankle joint. Inflammation of the veins is not uncommon during Aquarius. Now is the time to put some ointment on your lower legs and rest your legs in a raise position. Anyone who in inclined to get varicose veins should avoid long periods of standing on these days; even a longish stroll around town can be a nightmare on Aquarius days. Operations on varicose veins should not be carried out during Aquarius days.

Pisces  feet, toes  nervous system

Coloring: The common good comes before individual advantage. Borders become blurred, it is easier to take a look behind the scenes, and the world is tinged with fantasy. Rigid points of view are avoided; plenty of bowing and scraping.

One peculiar feature of the Pisces days is this: everything that you allow into your body during these days  alcohol, nicotine, coffee, medicine  has a much stronger effect than at other times. Presumably this is because the meridians of all the internal organs terminate in the feet, and thus react with special sensitivity on Pisces days.

Aries began the cycle with a force influencing the head; Pisces ends it with the feet. If you follow up the cycle of impulses and gradually perceive them within yourself, you will no longer need to be constantly on the lookout. The course of a single month is sufficient in order to give the body consciously what it needs  from top to bottom  and pay special attention to specific weak points.

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