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Herbal First-Aid Kit

Posted 07/03/09 by Leah Vesta Hansen

First assess the needs of yourself and your family, and the situations that may arise requiring first-aid. Do you have young children? What maladies is your family prone to? A good first-aid kit consists of items that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Keep your herbal first-aid kit in one place so it is readily available to you and your family. Be sure everything is clearly labeled so that others can use it. Listed is a summary by Item, Form, Use for:

All-purpose/burn salve - Salve - Cuts, wound, burns, sunburns

Aloe Vera - Gel - Cuts, wounds, burns

Anti-fungal salve - Salve - Cuts, wounds, burns, sunburns

Arnica Montana - Homeopathic, Oil - Bruises, trauma to muscle, ligaments and tendons

Castor Oil - Oil - Sprains and strains

Cold-care capsules - Capsules - Colds, sluggish digestion, infections

Echinacea - Tincture - Colds, flus, infections, weak immune system

Eucalyptus - Essential oil - Congestion, achy muscles, insect repellent, cuts and abrasions, warts, cold sores

Garlic - Oil - Ear infections, parasites, colds

Green Clay - Powder - Splinters, wound disinfectant, poultices for poison ivy/oak, skin infections

Lavender - Essential oil - Headaches, minor burns/sunburns, insect bites, congestion

Licorice Root - Tincture - Sore throats, bronchial inflammation, herpes simples I & II

Mullein Flower - Oil - Ear infections, pain

Peppermint - Essential Oil - Digestive problems, burns, mouthwash, stimulant

Rescue Remedy - Flower Essence - Trauma, both emotional and physical; can be used externally and internally for adults, children and pets

St. Johns-wort - Oil - Burns, swellings, pain, bruises, sunburn, achy muscles

St. Johns-wort - Tincture - Burns, pain, nerve damage, depression, anxiety

Tea Tree - Essential Oil - Congestion, achy muscles, insect repellent, cuts and abrasions, warts, cold sores toothaches

Valerian - Tincture - Pain, insomnia, stress and nervous tension, achy muscles

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