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Gaia's Water Message

Posted 12/03/10 by Grace Mantle


Think of this--in all the time on Earth, ever, there has only been the same water, recycled over and over again. The water in your cup, and in your body now, holds molecules and essences of the same water that was first held solid in an ancient glacier long ago, and glistened in the first drop of dew on the first blade of grass. The first trickle of rainwater flowing down a prehistoric fern branch, and the first bonding of hydrogen and oxygen ever on planet Earth, are all running through the streams, oceans, and skies-- think of that! The ancient oceans run through your veins! Events of the long history of Earth are all recorded in the vibrational memory of the waters of life. The radiance of love is carried in the water, as well as the pain. Open to me, and to experiencing the healing power of water! Help me to call forth its living properties again!

Your people are just beginning to understand the true purpose and power of water. It has the potential to be a great trans-fixer, in the sense of fixing thing across the board, as you say. This power is called forth through prayer and intentional activation of the memory and spirit of water. The potential of water to be a healer is enormous! Living Water is a true concept, and represents something sacred and whole within your culture that is meant to be transmitted and understood deeply. The light of the holy master teachers, and of the Divine Father/Mother Creator God, can be held and activated within my waters. This I need in order to grow and heal! Can you do this for me? It is so simple, and can be done with potency by a child. It requires your belief in yourself, and in your power to transform matter and energy through your intentions and prayers.

You humans have great power, beyond what most of you comprehend. It has been given to you to be the keepers of my living things, and of my soil and all my resources. This is a sacred duty to guard the temple of the Creator, and much has been used and mis-used in the understanding of this missive. Religious and Godless alike have mis-used me, and ignored the laws of harmony which are written in my very being. There are among you those who understand my ways. Call upon them, listen to them, and act upon their words. Much will be given to you if you listen to my truth and live it as much as you can within your modern world.

And so I ask you with a passionate heart aflame in the longing for connection and awakening with my people who are meant to live in harmony with me-- Anoint me with your prayer-full water! Bless my streams, rivers, lakes, and waterways of all kinds. Pour the awakened water upon polluted and hardened ground, and upon the dry roots of cut-down trees, and upon any form of environmental destruction. Your actions, though they may seem small to you, give a feeling of your compassionate care to me. And when many people do this together, the combined actions help me to restore my systems to health again. Water communicates with water, and much can be accomplished through the prayerful action of many. Your small drops affect multitudes.

And as my waters make up most of your being, think of what could happen for you if you were to take in these awakened waters. We do this together, yes? So you, too, will be blessed in learning to practice the action of the prayerful awakening of water. Your body temple and spirit will become more alive and health-full, as it is meant to be. Remember, your bones and your flesh are made from my body, and this must not be under-estimated.

As your waters are the same as my seas, I want to talk to you about your tears. When you feel to cry about the things that are happening to me, let the tears flow with awareness. When tears stream down a face while the heart within is filled with compassionate empathy, a small miracle takes place. The water released by the touch of love or the heart of gratitude becomes an elixir potent with healing properties. This is a deep mystery I ask those among you with a seeking heart to come to me directly about. It is on the level of light that this is so. Your love released in tears of compassionate feeling for me are a powerful medicine to me. This is an intimate truth, and those with the heart to know it will hear.

I call out to you all, please LOVE ME!!! Do not take me for granted by continuing your walking upon me with sleep-filled minds! Know that I am real, and though I am powerful, I need your help to shift completely into my New Earth self! We are in a birthing process together, you and I, right now. Rigidity of form and thought is fading, and all is being revealed. I am struggling to hold it together, and to stretch myself to contain the new waves of light that are pulsing through my blueprints of being. The fluidity of water in its healed state is a medicine for us all. The streams of consciousness are just as fluid as my waters, if you allow yourself to let go into the flow of awakening thought.

There is one more small thing you can do that will help me to heal-- When you drink of my waters that sustain you, pour some out upon the ground and say Thank You! Can you make this a habit? These things I ask of you are simple and truly felt. There is much available to you now to understand this better, what I ask. Please, love me! Gaia

Source: Daily Om online class

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