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Massage Update

Posted 09/10/11 by Leah Hansen

Summer Came and Went, Experiencing a Lovely Indian Summer, Kids are back to School, Time to support your Immune System..... Before the Holidays (Helladays) arrive

There have been some wonderful developments in my practice and one of my sub-personalities....Administrator/Bookkeeper Leah has decided to come out and play for a while. So I am taking full advantage of this left behind self and having fun too. Here is a summary of topics:

*Hours of service *Price increase *Credit cards *Packages *Cancellation policy *New modality - Sound Healing *Women's Health - Breasts *Essential Oils *MVA claims & Insurance

HOURS OF SERVICE Mon: 10am to 7pm Wed: 10am to 7pm Thurs: 10am to 7pm Sat: 11am to 5pm

PRICE INCREASE Currency has been challenging for me, most of all it just feels down right weird to accept money for doing something I am so passionate about. I guess I am one of the fortunate people that can say this, what a wonderful challenge to have I suppose. So, with acceptance, gratitude and an open heart, I am stating my rates.....

$75.00 per hour....straight across the board. Of course this is table time, I am still generous with checking in and out, our flow will not change. Those few clients on the sliding scale, lets revisit this rate. I do accept a few sliding scale clients per month and one trade per month.

CREDIT CARDS Technology has knocked on my door and I have found a fun way to serve you better.....I am now accepting credit cards and will be taking payment with my phone!!! Check out

PACKAGES I have noticed that people tend to shop for package deals, and now that I am accepting credit cards, this will be easier to purchase and earn MILES!!!

3 hours $215 (savings of $10),

5 hours $350 (savings of $25),

10 hours $700 (savings of $50)

CANCELLATION POLICY Please be advised that if you have an appointment and you cancel your session within 48 hours of your reserved session time, full fee for the session will be charged, unless the cancellation is for a medical or family emergency. It is very difficult to fill appointment times within 48 hours of cancellation. As much as I cherish our friendship and time together, my practice is a business and I must treat it as such. I appreciate your understanding and co-operation.

NEW MODALITY Last week I attended an intense 5 day workshop with Tom Kenyon ( and am now a certified Sound Healer!!!

For the first time ever, the mind set for this workshop was focused on my own healing....but I gotta tell you....I am so excited to share this with those of you that are open, curious and like to play. Tom is an amazing teacher, very left brained but travels to woowoo land. I learned much on how the brain functions, techniques to unwind energy stored in the Physical and Energetic Field (aka Auric Field), Overtone Chanting and CD resources.

This week I have integrated a few techniques and have had powerful sessions. My clients have a sense of self empowerment like never before, and I am excited to share all of these new insights and wisdom.

What would it be like if you did not need to see your counselor for the next 3 to 5 yrs?

I am not saying that I have the magic silver bullet, but consider Sound Healing as a method to unwind those blockages which prevent you from seeing your Authentic Nature. Consider this a tool that will expidite your healing process and have fun too, well sometimes it can be very cathartic....yes....BREATH!!!

WOMEN'S HEALTH - BREASTS I need all of your help with this topic, which is focused on BREASTS!!! I hear someone giggling out there.....but seriously, lets talk about BREASTS.

October is around the corner and this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is a modality that I love and practice, Lymphatic Breast Care and it is very potent work, especially now combined with Sound Healing. With the experience of my mother dying of cancer, my own breast reduction (yes really), health issues after my breast surgery, transformation after receiving one Lymphatic Breast session in class, a few workshops in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, I have an optomistic outlook on Breast Care.

The lymph system escorts mutated cells, large bacteria, proteins and more. When this system is compromised and stagnant due to lack of exercise, stress, polutants and more, those mutated cells will take up residence in your body and grow. This is one contributing factor when talking about dis-ease.

Our lymph system has the capability of moving 15 liters of lymph per day. Those that come in to see me generally move between 3 to 4 liters of lymph per day, in which I muscle test for. Imagine what it would be like if you could increase your self cleansing abilities!!!

Did you know that Medical Doctors have only a few hours focused on the lymphatic system!!! Where would healthcare be if we focused on this system.....

As for how can you help me... I want to spread the word of how Lymphatic Breast Care can be used for prevention, not waiting til the 11th hour for a miracle. ALL WOMEN need to receive this work every season and those with a family history of breast cancer should come in more often. Are you going in for a mammogram, having a session a day or two prior to a mammogram will result in fewer call backs...imagine not living that awful week of wondering if you have cancer or not.

For more inforamation on Lymphatic Breast Care, visit my website at

ESSENTIAL OILS All of you know that as soon as you walk into the building, you can smell the wonderful oils wafting in the building and it changes your mood instantly. Now close your eyes and visualize yourself walking into my office, what do you smell? How does it make you feel?

If your mood was uplifted by these thoughts, let's get you a bottle of your favorite oil to take home with you so you can recall this peaceful place without making an appt with me. Now you can have a little dose of Leah time in your office, home or where ever

The oils that I use are from Young Living and they set the standard of theraputic grade essential oils. Those oils that you purchase in stores are horrible, if you read the label, they are for aromatic uses only. That means you can not put them on your skin or internally consume. I have heard stories of people receiving chemical burns from those oils.....ouch!!!

Young Living have a supplementation value, this means you can take them internally....this is medicine, this is concentrated food!!

This month there is a promotion to Benefit People of Haiti, for every bottle of Lemon Essential Oil, Young Living will donate one bottle. The cost of oil is only $12.83 and you can purchase it through my store at:

If you decide to order, you may want to consider Theives oil too....with the cold and flu season around the corner. This is my favorite defense against bacteria, germs, mold and more.

Many communities in Haiti are still suffering from the cholera outbreak that spread as a result of the devastating earthquake in 2010. Upon learning this, Young Living has decided to sponsor Lemon Aid for Haiti, a large-scale lemon essential oil drive. Lemon essential oil has proven cleansing effects in water, food, and air and on surfaces; and we believe that a large donation could be a tremendous help to people in need.

MVA CLAIMS & INSURANCE Last year I decided to take insurance and MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) claims and this is working out well. I have noticed that being on panels or in network is not beneficial for me and to much paperwork, but some policies do pay for massages.

Those that work for OHSU, I do receive reimbursement....very easy indeed.

Those that unfortunately get into a MVA, and I hope you never do, but just know that I can bill the your insurance company and get paid. I will need a perscription from your Doctor, Acupuncurist or Chiropractor. If you do not have anyone you use, I have a large resource and can assist you find the perfect provider for you. Congratulations if have made it all the way to the end of this Massage Update. I will give the first person to make a 90 minute massage session this month a free 5ml bottle of Lavender and Lemon essential oil. ($20.00 value)

In Appreciation and Gratitude,

Leah Hansen, LMT #14083 1016 SE 12th Ave Portland, OR 97214

503-730-3577 I love it when you text me for appointments

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