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Didgeridoo Sound Journey with Pamela Mortensen

September 25, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM


Didgeridoo Sound Journey with Pamela Mortesen


Wed. 8/7  7:30-9pm

Come as you are and bathe in the deep vibrations and rhythms of didgeridoo, shakers and other small hand percussion. Didgeridoo artist Pamela Mortensen presents an evening of beautiful, love fueled sound alchemy with this ancient instrument from Australia.

Didgeridoo offers up a powerful and deep way to reconnect to the Earth's vibrations and rhythms and to our own natural and sometimes playful way of being. It is a reminder to simply relax, let go of all concerns and just follow your path to the spaciousness and light. This is not just a simple drone but beautiful and rich sounds using voice, rhythms, breath and body to create a space to help energize, regenerate and reboot the mind, body, soul and spirit.



Bring your favorite mat, blanket and pillow. There are also plenty of cushy comforts available if you need to borrow one for the evening.

$25 Love offering at the door. Cash only please.

About Didgeridoo
Considered the oldest wind instrument in the world, the didgeridoo is a long tubular instrument played by many Aboriginal tribes in Australia for ceremony, dance, celebrations and for telling the Dreamtime stories. It is also shared as a cultural tool to foster a better understanding of Aboriginal culture.

About Pamela
As a life long musician and composer, Pamela began playing the didgeridoo in 2005. Since then, she has traveled throughout the U.S, Canada and Mexico bringing her unique blend of contemporary and traditional styles to audiences. Her music ranges from ethereal soundscapes to full on energetic dance numbers that has always left listeners amazed and smiling. She is considered one of the best women players of didgeridoo and a well loved artist who focuses much of her time bringing this amazing instrument to new audiences as a way to promote outreach and help foster a planet of happy humans.

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