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Gong Sound Healing w/ Mahkah Das

October 30, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



Gong Sound Healing w/ Mahkah Das 


:>:<:-: Gong Sound Healing
:-:>:<:-: w/ Mahkah Das Elumen
:-:>:<:-: Expect Miracles 

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>:< About Gong Sound Healing w/ Mahkah >:<

Mahkah Das Elumen is offering Gong Sound Healings all across the West Coast. Gong Sound Healings are accompanied with applying ancient and modern tools like tapping, sound, and breath to assist with moving desired and undesired energy through the body. These tools can be used during the gong sound healing for the gong can bring up some stagnant energies that want to be released. These same tools can also be used at any time in life. These tools will be briefly taught before the sound healing begins. This makes for a completely unique sound healing experience unlike any other.

The gong is designed to assist with deep, lasting healing and awakening. The gong alone has been scientifically tested to show that the sound of the gong removes toxins from cells and has helped with humans mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and growing processes. From a headache, the flu, to cancer, the gong and other sacred sound tools can help one to move from a state of not feeling good, to feeling ease, relief, and uplifted. The gong can also promote the the awakening of the life force energy within oneself to rise and become active. This can bring about vitality, clarity, joy, bliss, and pure happiness.

Mahkah allows Reiki energy and other energy frequencies of Divine Light and Love to move through him and into the gong. The gong takes these energies and increases them greatly to be shared for ultimate healing and growth which maximizes the natural healing effects of your intelligent body.

Come relax, heal, destress, and grow!

::: What's Special About the Gong? :::

By simply relaxing and feeling the vibrations of the gong, you move into a state of allowing all what you desire into your life experience. Your improvement of health, increasing prosperity, finding a lover, acquiring specific things you desire, circumstances, events, wants and needs will all start to manifest into your now reality. This is because the gong takes you beyond time, which is beyond the mind. It is beyond identifying with and focusing purely on thoughts. This sound journey helps you get out of your head and into your heart. You get out of your own way and release your resistance around the things you want that have not yet manifested on every topic you care about and desire in your life. 

The gong helps you to let go of unwanted and negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and physical actions and replaces them with positive and loving thoughts and actions. Your consciousness moves into this general state of being here now in the present moment. When you do this for an extended period of time, like an hour gong sound healing, you are allowing all that you want and desire in your life to manifest. It is in this state of being that you can quickly heal, transform, and allow ease, joy, and abundance in your life! This is a similar state of consciousness that you are in when you are about to fall asleep and same as the moment you wake up in the morning. This state of consciousness is called "theta" or the lucid dream state. You enter the "theta" state the second you hear the gong! This is what allows all that you desire into your life on every plane of existence. The gong is a tool that assists you with your practice of dwelling in this mindful, receptive and allowing place within.

Relaxing and doing NOTHING allows EVERYTHING you desire into your now reality!

::: How To Prepare/What To Bring :::

-- Expect to Lie Down or Be Seated for at least an hour
Comfort is key so bring something soft to lie on like a yoga mat, camping pad, and/or blankets. Bring blankets to cover yourself with, pillows, eye masks, and whatever else you need to be comfortable lying on the floor for an hour.
-- If you are planning to sit please bring your own comfy chair with you and whatever else you need to feel relaxed.
-- Arrive at least 15 minutes early to get a spot and set up your comfort zone BEFORE we start.
-- Please do not wear any heavy smelling scents or oils.
-- If you are sneezing or coughing a lot please refrain from coming till you become well for you can disturb everyone's listening experience to the gong. Thank you for understanding.
-- All ages welcome as long as your child or baby can be still and quiet during the entire sound healing.
-- Bring a water bottle with a lid.

::: The Gong Can Assist, Heal, and Improve :::

Finding Your Life's Purpose
Improved Sleep
Chronic Pain
Transmuting Karma
Improved Mental Health
Energetic Clearing
Healing of Bones and Organs
Quick Injury Recover
Past Life Healing
Releasing of Destructive/Negative Patterns, Thoughts, and Beliefs.
Repressed Emotions Released and Transformed.

>For more info on Gong Sound Healings and Mahkah visit:

::: About Mahkah Das Elumen :::

Mahkah has been studying and practicing metaphysics, sound, and yoga since 2006. Mahkah received the title of Certified Gong Practitioner by Gong Master Mehtab Benton in 2019. He has studied Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) extensively with Bhagavan Das and Michael Sterling. He got certified as a Reiki Master in 2008 and is a Certified 500 Hour+ Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher since 2010. Mahkah became an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical Tradition in 2016 and has been offering sound healings to the world since 2008. He has given sound healings all across Illinois, California, Oregon, and at Burning Man. He is humbled and honored to assist you on your healing and awakening journey.

::: Praise for Gong Sound Healings and Mahkah :::

During Mahkahs Gong Sounds Healing I felt a relaxing sensation in my jaw. Not the normal type of relaxation I feel during mediation, but a deeper relaxation. You see, I have a condition called TMJ, more commonly known as lock jaw, where the muscle that cushions my jaw gets stuck. I could feel this muscle relaxing and in effect the left side of my jaw becoming more even with the right. Thank you Mahkah!
-Shea Durkin

"Such a powerful healing experience!! Mahkah does such an amazing job offering this Gong Sound Healing! Look forward to future offerings."
-Schandua Reneé

I had the pleasure of attending Mahkah's gong sound healing. I could physically feel the vibrations healing my sacral area after the gong healing. I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts. My period started hours after the gong session without the usual painful warning. It was also 8 days early, just in time to sync with the Full Moon. I definitely feel like Mahkah's divine energy channelled through the gong helped give me a hard reset for a new clear cycle.
-Christy Garvery

::: Gong Sound Healings & Gong Therapy Available For :::
Private one-on-one sessions available at the Toren Forest Temple on Mt. Hood or in NE Portland

Private Small Group Sessions (2/4 people)
Large Group Events
Yoga Studios
Healing Spaces
House Clearings
Special Occasions: Births, Weddings, Initiations, Rite Of Passage, Celebrations&

>>> To book a private Gong Therapy Sessions or Gong Sound Healing Event message Mahkah Das Elumen or email:

For more info on Gong Sound Healings and Mahkah visit:

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