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Te School Qigong

~ Thursdays ~

(Except on the following dates: 5/9)

8:30 AM - 9:45 AM


We, of the Te School, are a group who studied Qigong and Tai Chi under the teachings of Daniel Villasenor. Daniel, a Westerner, was trained in Qigong in the Sun Monestary in Beijing, China.  He left Portland for other pursuits in June of 2006 and has since opened the MogaDao Institution in  Santa Fe, NM, as Zhenzan Dao.  We have carried on since, employing and contninuing to explore these teachings from a Daoist perspective.

Typically, each class begins with warming up and gently stretching to open up the body. From there, various forms are practiced, based upon the selection of the leader/teacher. We all begin as newcomers so in all classes we whole-heartedly welcome them!!  Feel free to drop in any time. The class sometimes closes with a few minutes of Tai Chi.  Please enter the studio via the ramp to the side deck, just north of the front door. No need to knock, (unless it's accidentally closed) just please enter quietly.

*1st and 3rd  and the odd 5th Thursdays:  The group is led by one of these original practioners.  $5

*2nd, 3rd Thursdays:  The group is taught by one of these original practitioners, Rose Allen,, who has been certified by our teacher, Zhenzan Dao. $10

Time: 8:30 am until 10.

*Awakenings occasionally offers its studio as a venue for days-long events, including Thursdays and Fridays. Please check the calendar on this website.  If you see our event as well as an event lasting the whole day, our class will not be held.




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