Awakenings Wellness Center, Portland Oregon

34" Gong&Crystal Bowl Bath: PDX Sound Sanctuary

March 22, 2018
7:30 PM - 8:45 PM


Dive deep inside into peace, inner stillness & deep rest & rejuvenation with this Multi-Instrumental Sound Bath featuring a long solo set with Viola's 34" Paiste Gong, a solo of Mikaela's crystal singing bowls as well as many of our other beloved sound healing instruments -- like tibetan bowls, handpans, chimes, etc... 

Large high quality gongs have such a huge range of tones, overtones and harmonics, that when played well, they literally bathe every cell of the recipient in sound, and help to bring the person back into a state of harmony and wellbeing. They also work on the subtle energy body, clearing blockages and old stagnant energy, so that the recipient can move forward freely.
In a seated or reclining position, you will experience powerful waves of sound as they wash over and around you

Why Sound Healing?
Sound healing frequencies move through the liquid/water in your body and bring one into a deeply relaxed, meditative state.. an often dream-like ethereal trance state in which 1) stress and anxiety leave the body/mind/spirit, 2) deep peace and healing brain wave states of Alpha and Theta are easily attained ... and 3) harmony, health & higher states of consciousness flow in...anchoring in the high sonic vibrations on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing the body mind and spirit to heal. 

Sound bath effects in the hours & days following?

Increased Inner Peace and Well-being
Deep Relaxation
Activation of Higher States of Consciousness
Reduction of Stress & Anxiety
Profound Meditative / Dream-like Journeys/ States of Awareness
Enhanced Clarity
Unlocks Blocked Emotions
Balance Left/Right Brain Hemisphere Activity
Relief from Insomnia/ More Restful Sleep
Alleviation of Sorrow/Depression
Blood Pressure Equilibrium
Relief of Physical Pain
Heightened Creativity/ Focus/ Ability to Concentrate
Feelings of Contentment & Joy

* While we do not/ cannot claim that our sound healing meditation aka sound baths will induce physical healing, we have received MANY reports over the years of spontaneous and permanent relief from various issues so we advise being open-minded *

Come with an Intention to Receive Healing and Higher Guidance...or simply just to In-joy, Relax and Rejuvenate in this Sound Sanctuary Oasis.

The doors open at 7:15. Arrive then to get settled in... The Sound
Bath begins promptly at 7:30pm.

Love Exchange: $20-$25 sliding scale exchange. Cash only.

**We ask that please be mindful of the quiet container we are committed to holding at our events so that everyone can go deeply into the sound healing journey without distraction. We welcome you to attend if you can lie quietly and still for an hour. Please do not attend if you are having a current health challenge that could potentially disrupt other's journeys around you. You are however welcome to bring whatever props you might need to be comfortable lying down. For this same reason, this event would not be appropriate for children under 10. Thank you so much for understanding our dedication to holding a solid container for the deepest relaxation and healing experience for everyone. **

Where: Awakenings Wellness Center (Studio in the back). 1016 SE 12th Ave... Please enter via the ramp to the left/ north side of the

The floor will be about half covered in mats, but there is not enough for all, so please bering a yoga mat and also a blanket and pillow for your comfort if you wish, as well as something to put over your eyes to block out the light (to go deeper into a relaxed Theta brainwave state).

40 max capacity, first come, first serve so please arrive at 7:15 to
get a spot. (It always seems to work out that we have enough spots, so come on down and get into the sublime, healing frequencies with us!)

About Us:

Mikaela Jones has been providing public sound healing events since 2007. She has over twenty years training/teaching experience in spiritual & healing traditions from intensive sound healing and vocal toning training with Jonathan Goldman, to meditation, hypnotherapy, New Thought, Modern Mystery school training & Reiki. She provides individual and small group sound healing bath sessions from her home. Mikaela is also an Angel Intuitive and a mutli-published inspirational author. The Book of Light: 365 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life" was released March 1 2018. For this event, Mikaela plays a full chakra set of both quartz cyrstal & tibetan singing bowls, Chinese horizontal Wuhan brass gong, solar gong, drum, sacred healing tuning fork frequencies, chimes, and uses her voice for harmonics. Her Intention is to be a profound channel & mirror of freedom and joy for all. You can visit Mikaela's website to learn more. 

Viola Rose is a transformational Sound Artist. She is an improvisational Trance Vocalist, Gong and Handpan player, performing solo at various yoga classes, contact dance jams and other events around Portland, She has been involved in music and healing and combining the two together as sound-healing for 16 years. Viola is committed to using music to create more beauty in the world and has a deep love for the healing ability of Sacred Sound to heal the heart. As a Sound Alchemist and Sound Healer she also offers private therapeutic sound sessions . She is also a teacher of heart based meditation. To our event, Viola brings her Handpans, native drums, Gongs and other eclectic instruments as well as heart inspired vocals and tones as an offering for the journey we will share together. You can visit Viola's website for more info.

Please join the Portland Sound Sanctuary page or group on Facebook to receive invites to all of our sound healing events. Mikaela and Viola as Portland Sound Sanctuary also offer private sound baths for birthdays, parties, and businesses/corporations. Feel free to ask us more about that.

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