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Dr. Shannon Livingston, Chiropractic Physician

Get the care you need, for what you can afford to pay . . . a community that takes care of itself thrives! This holistic chiropractic practice is unique in several ways, the first of which is that it is AFFORDABLE. Many in our community are under-insured, and this practice is intended to serve this population. It is our goal to help you heal quickly and become SELF-SUFFICIENT with regard to your health. Follow-up visits for Out Of Pocket Patients start at $49 (you are in control of the care you receive depending on what you can afford ... no surprises). Initial visits for Out Of Pocket Patients(1.5-2 hours) start at $91.

We bill insurance, including motor vehicle and private insurance. (Please be aware that Dr. Shannon is "Out Of Network" for all personal insurance carriers. This has no effect on Motor Vehicle Accident patients.)

Dr. Shannon offers extremely effective manual therapy in half-hour to hour sessions - gentle Chiropractic (manual or "activator"), Craniosacral Therapy, and therapeutic massage in the form of myofascial release (for long term relief of chronic tightness and pain due to injury or postural overload). If you suffer from headaches, whiplash, food allergies, candida and digestive problems, foot or limb problems, or joint/muscle pain anywhere in your body, her approach may be for you. To assist in your healing and general well-being, she offers simple nutritional advice you can actually follow. Physical rehabilitation and postural advice will help keep you strong and less susceptible to pain. And if requested by you, Dr. Shannon incorporates medical intuition, Reiki, and other energy healing modalities into your session.

Most pain we experience is caused by inflammation. Your pain and/or degenerative physical process can be reduced or eliminated by decreasing inflammation in your body. Inflammation is generally caused by injury, poor posture, emotional stress, and/or allergic responses to food and your environment. Addressing all of these issues may initially seem daunting, but can actually be very simple, with effects often immediately noticeable!

Some background . . . Dr. Shannon has been an intuitive/spiritual counselor since 1998, a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004, and an ordained minister since 2006. Before attending University of Western States in Portland, OR for her Doctorate in Chiropractic, she studied Zoology at UC Davis (California), Raptor Biology at Boise State University, and Massage Therapy in Boise, Idaho. For fun she runs long-distance in minimalist shoes (loves the Run Like Hell half-marathon!), and is a student of aerial arts (loves Night Flight Aerial!).

Phone: 503-583-4588

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*Credit Cards Accepted
*Insurance Accepted
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